EWU Geology Alumni Questionnaire

We want to hear from you!

We are interested in hearing from our alumni with respect to what you are doing now. If you wish, we can add your information to our Department Newsletter, which we hope to have out each Spring. Please take the time to let us know what you've been doing post-EWU graduation.

Questions marked with a * are required.

*1. What is your first name?
*2. What is your last name?
*3. What year did you graduate?
*4. Please provide your email address.
*5. Please provide us with your current address.
6. Employer (company or organization name)
7. Job title
8. Employer address - type in your work address and phone:
9. How did you find/apply for the position you are currently holding?
Social network (Linkedin, Facebook, etc.)
Posting on Job Board
Posting on Employer Site
EWU Connection
In person application
10. Is your company hiring?
11. Is it okay if current geology students contact you about employment opportunities?
12. What, if any, part of your contact information should we exclude from the newsletter?
13. Are you currently enrolled in a graduate or professional school? If so, please list the school and the degree program.
14. Have you recently obtained additional degrees beyond Eastern Washington University? If so, please list the school and degree(s).
15. Would you be comfortable in sharing your thoughts on graduate school and your chosen field of study with our current students?
16. If you have any publications, provide information here.
17. Please type in news that you would like to share in our Geology Alumni Newsletter. No matter what you are doing now, we'd really like to hear from you!
18. Please provide us with ideas you have for the department, or questions about the department or university. What would you like to hear about in our newsletter?
*19. There are program outcomes for each of our degrees. The BS in Geology outcomes include that students will: demonstrate effective oral and written communication skills necessary for employment in the various fields of geology; demonstrate critical thinking skills to solve geological problems encountered in the various fields of geology; use the tools and equipment available to professional geologists to solve geological problems; demonstrate a solid understanding of geological principles and processes that operate in the complex systems of the earth. With respect to these outcomes, and your current level of work or graduate school, how satisfied are you that these objectives were met by the Department of Geology at EWU?
Very satisfied
Very dissatisfied
*20. Did the program at Eastern prepare you for your job/graduate program adequately? If not, what can be improved to better prepare our graduates?
21. Did you take the ASBOG exam?
22. Did you pass the ASBOG exam?
23. Are you a registered geologist in any of the following states?
24. Would you like to donate to the Department of Geology? If so, you may specify to the Foundation how you would like your donation to be used or the Department of Geology can decide how to use the donation. We have several scholarships that help our students. If your answer is yes to this question we will be in touch.