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MBA in Spokane at Eastern Washington University - Spring 2012 Newsletter - AACSB Accredited

Spring 2013 Calendar

Memorial Day Holiday: Monday, May 27

Last Day of Instruction: Friday, June 7

Final Exams week:
June 10-13

Last Day of Quarter:
Friday, June 14

Saturday, June 15

Congratulations Winter Graduates!

Bandar Alfaifi
Yosra Alshangiti
Sharlie Corcoran
Aleksandr Klimok
Han Sung Park
Ryan T. Reid
Lee Ann VanLengen

Congratulations Spring Graduates!

Abdulaziz S. Alaleit
Ahmad A. Alangari
Dung-Wei Chen
Robert Clamp
Brandon D. Ely
Jeffrey R. Galpin
Jessica L. Hildahl
Joshua D. Hoyer
Koji Kawahara
Su Hyeon Lee
Donna M. Light
Shih-Ting Lu
Lindsay McKay
Chad D. Moss
Tuyen Nguyen
Kellen M. Peacock
Andrew B. Westlund

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Spring 2013 MBA Course Offerings

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International Dual Degree

A dual-degree program is now available in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences in Schmalkalden, Germany. This program provides students with the opportunity to study abroad for two consecutive quarters in addition to the required coursework of the MBA Program. It combines the Master of Business Administration degree from Eastern Washington University with the Master of Art degree in International Business and Economics from the University of Applied Sciences in Schmalkalden, Germany. All coursework is taught in English. This cooperative program enables students to earn both degrees in less time than if undertaken separately.

Those enrolling in the dual-degree program must be admitted through the Graduate Studies Office and by the MBA Program. The student also must be fully admissible into the MBA Program at the time of entry.

To learn more about this unique opportunity contact the MBA Program director at 509.828.1248 or

MBA Student Interview

By Curran Scott

Galen Hyatt and Bryan Lilburn are currently studying abroad in Schmalkalden, Germany, to earn their International Business and Economics degree alongside their MBA from Eastern. They have been there since late March and have given us a glimpse into their daily lives.

Galen, Why did you decide to pursue the International Business and Economics degree in Germany?
I felt it would help me tremendously in my future career. Many companies are international corporations. The IBE degree will give me some international experience prior to pursuing a career. This experience will only help me in my future career and personal life. Another reason for pursuing the IBE degree is that it takes a relatively short amount of time compared to some other options that require you to attend an international university for the full duration of a masters’ program.

Are you enjoying Germany so far? What is it like? What have you been doing for fun?
Germany so far has been a great experience.
Everything seems like it is only a train ride away. They are pretty easy to figure out and run on time. There are grocery stores here in Schmalkalden, but no real big stores like a Walmart or Costco. However, there are many local small shops, which have everything you need; you just have to find them. And not to forget, literally everything is closed on Sunday.
For fun, mostly we have just been checking out the town’s different restaurants/pubs during the week. On the weekends, we have been traveling to different towns, within Germany so far, to see what they have to offer. So far, we have been to Frankfurt and Erfurt.

What are your first impressions of the school and program?
It is very international; there are many nationalities represented, and by no means are German students dominating the class make up. Courses seem more specific in information content, and not moving as quickly through subject material. This might sound kind of funny but they seem similar to Professor Steenhuis’ class on Competitiveness of Microeconomics.

What are the classes like? How do they differ from classes in the US?
Each class is anywhere from one hour to four hours long. You are not required to take a set schedule of classes, so you can pick and choose from the classes offered to make up the 30 credits needed. Classes are mostly lecture-based, with little or no assigned out of class work. There are no midterms or quizzes; everything is based upon one final test, which is held during the test period during the end of July. Also, during different times of the semester they offer short courses (four hours for three days). These classes count for two credits each and are taught by exchange professors.

What do you like most about the program and Germany in general? What has been difficult?
I like the more specific concentration on different ideas within subjects. One example is Economics; there are detailed courses in Economic Philosophy and Regional Economics. Economic Philosophy is a very interesting course talking about how different values rooted in society could be possible additions to the explanation of a country’s prosperity.
The biggest difficulty so far has been trying to figure out the best way to prepare for six different final tests in July. It is just a heavy weight hanging, but I am sure that all will turn out just dandy.

Bryan, Why did you decide to pursue the International Business and Economics degree in Germany?
After traveling to Europe I began to take an interest in other cultures. I decided to take an international business course as an undergrad at Eastern. I enjoyed the course and was able to relate a lot of the content to my travels. After learning about the dual degree, I knew it was the perfect opportunity for me.

Are you enjoying Germany so far? What is it like?
Germany has been an incredible experience so far. The people are very friendly here. Even if they don’t speak any English, they will do their best to help you.

What have you been doing for fun?
In my spare time I like to travel. Each weekend I try to visit another town and eat their delicious food! It's always fun to visit all of the historic castles and cathedrals in the area as well.

What are your first impressions of the school and program?
Since meeting with everyone on the first day, I have been excited to start my studies here. The school is a lot smaller than Eastern and has a relaxed vibe.

What are the classes like? How do they differ from classes in the US?
The classes have been very interesting. They are comprised of students from all over the world. This provides for incredible discussions. It’s first hand learning about the norms from other cultures. After the class ends, instead of clapping, the students will knock on the desks to applaud the professor. I didn’t know this, so the first time the students knocked on the desks I thought an earthquake was occurring.

What do you like most about the program and Germany in general? What has been difficult?
My favorite part about the program is the classes. The lectures are interesting, and the students have very diverse backgrounds. I feel like I’m learning so much.
Apart from the traveling, my favorite part about Germany would be the food. I cannot pronounce the name of the foods but they are delicious!
The most difficult part of this experience has just been the little things; having to open a bank account, purchase insurance, and filling out paperwork for a visa and student id card. There’s just a bunch of little things that need to be done at first.

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