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Sept. 30, 2010

Greetings and welcome to another academic year at Eastern Washington University! By now many of you are settled in after that hectic first week of instruction. And, as I did last year, I want to once again periodically update you on campus news and events.

There is no question there is a new sense of energy on campus. EWU not only has another strong freshman class approaching 1,550 students, but once again the university is looking at a record enrollment number that will far surpass the 10,000 student mark. While this does present challenges in light of the ongoing state budget situation, Eastern is thrilled to have so many students who are eager to be here and learn. And EWU is committed to providing them with a top-notch higher education experience.

Over the summer, we finalized the consolidation of our colleges, unveiled a new and improved university website and finished production of our first-ever research magazine, DiscoverE. The magazine not only profiles the great work our faculty do every day, but will be a great tool as we showcase to community and state leaders the great things happening at EWU every day.

Of course, by now you know about the excitement the new red rurf at Roos Field has generated for Eastern, both regionally and nationally. However, there are some other great things we accomplished over the summer that should not be overlooked. Eastern has officially dedicated the new Reid School Meditation Garden, right next to the one-room schoolhouse. I want to congratulate those who worked so hard to make this a reality. It will truly be a great place for all of us to pause and pay tribute to the great partnership between the university community and families who were part of the lab school for 50 years.

Another great achievement involved the extraordinary effort by the Eastern community to raise more than $13,000 and generate five tons of food for the Cheney Food Bank and other service agencies. Nadine and I are very grateful for your generosity, and we want to thank you again for your participation in this important community effort.

As I mentioned in my welcome back speech at the Fall Breakfast, there are so many positive things happening at Eastern right now that we must continue to focus on the road ahead, yet still be mindful of the financial difficulties that continue to plague the state of Washington. Through it all, EWU will continue to focus on student success while maintaining a great sense of pride about what we do every day. The accomplishments mentioned in this newsletter are just some of the great examples of why Eastern is a special place that is getting stronger.

I hope you all enjoy the beginning of the fall quarter, and I look forward to seeing you around campus. From Oktoberfest to Homecoming, there are many great activities that will enable Eastern to continue to shine.


Rodolfo Arévalo, PhD

Pass Through the Pillars 2010 - View image on Flickr
Pass Through the Pillars 2010

Dr. Arévalo at the Roos Field open house - View image on Flickr
Dr. Arévalo at the Roos Field open house

Reid Meditation Garden Dedication - View image on Flickr
Reid Meditation Garden Dedication

Nadine Arévalo presents food drive check - View image on Flickr
Nadine Arévalo presents food drive check

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