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Former Football Players and contributors who have given back to "Play it on the Red"

Main Project Contributors (as of 6/10/10):
Michael Roos
(2005 EWU graduate, football letter winner 2001-02-03-04, now an All-Pro offensive tackle with the
Tennessee Titans)

Katherine Roos
(2004 EWU graduate)

Colin Cowherd
(EWU student 1982-86, now an ESPN
national radio/TV broadcaster)

Tim Bradbury
(1984 EWU graduate, football letter winner 1981-82-83, now President, New Media for
American City Business Journals)

Jim McElwain
(1985 EWU graduate, football letter winner 1981-82, former EWU assistant coach and now offensive coordinator at Alabama)

Rockwood Clinic

Other Former EWU Football Players/contributors who have contributed to the “Play it on the Red" Campaign
(as of 6/10/10):

Jason Anderson

(football letter winner 1991-92-93-94)
Randy Behrens (1965-66)
Patrick DeVries
Brad Faker (1985-86-87-88)
Friese Brothers Corporate Sponsorship/Rob Friese (1982-83-84-85)
David Hajek (1990-91)
John R. Halfmoon (1965-66-67)
Tom Halfmoon (1966-67-68)
Dan Jones (1970-71)
Ron Knowlton (1983-84)
Jeff Kupp (1982-83-84)
R.L. Langum Services/Dick Langum (1962-63-64-65)
Jason Marsh (1991-92-93)
Doug McGill (1985-87)
Dan Moriarty (1983-84-85-86)
Mike Mumford (1979-80)
Timothy Murphy (1985-86)
Terry O’Leary (1983-84)
Les Payne (1966-67)
Mike Piha (1978-79)
Robert Puller (1988-89-90-91)
Mark Puyear (1980-81-82-83)
Jeff Rawley (1981-82)
Rick Raymond (1979-80-81)
Shamus J. Reilly (1980-81)
Robin L. Rexius (1967-68)
Kurt Schulz (1988-89-90-91, also played 10 seasons in the NFL)
Chris Seidel (1983-84-85)
Bob Shoemaker (1978-79)
Dr. George M. Stephens (1960-61)
Gary Taller (1980-81-82)
Pat Sievers (1989-90-91-92)
Leroy J. Walters (1983-84)
Trevor Westlund (1989-90-91-92)
David Williams (1949-50)
Ken Wilson (1980)
Dick Zornes (1963-64-65-66, also head football coach 1979-93).

As of June 10, 79 other individuals and businesses have also contributed to the Red Turf project. Their support of this project is greatly appreciated by Eastern Washington University and Eagle Athletics!